About us

Greek Ladders is a unique career connections program of Fraternity Management Group, a company specializing in alumni/parent relations, fundraising, and organizational management for local and national Greek-lettered organizations.

We have two primary objectives:

  1. Provide students and young professionals with career readiness tools and best practices.
  2. Connect job-seeking candidates with recruiters and employment opportunities.

Greek Ladders provides tools and various resources to college undergraduates and alumni/ae who hold membership in fraternities and sororities, enabling them to grow as leaders, enhance their campus/community involvement, strengthen their academic experiences, and fostering their career goals. These tools are both online-based and interpersonal.

Greek Ladders serves as a guide, facilitator, resource, opportunity, connector, and more, for candidates seeking ideal employment situations prior to, upon, and following graduation. For employers, we serve as a catalyst toward presenting new hires, which fulfill their recruitment goals of adding the ideal candidates to their teams. We provide great ROI.

Greek Ladders is designed as a great tool for job-seekers and employers. Ultimately, the value generated through successful matches will undoubtedly impact the lives of these students and alumni/ae.