Connolly Care Home Health

Connolly Care is a Home Health Care provider in the Las Vegas, NV area. At Connolly Care, we believe every patient deserves the best in-care, and we strive to provide our patients with the attention they need while giving you the peace of mind to go through each day knowing your loved one is in good hands. The in-home care by our registered professional skilled nurses provides more than just someone to make sure your loved one’s basic needs are met. Our home health aides provide support in the comfort of your home. Our staff also includes licensed physical therapists who can tailor plans to each individual’s needs; occupational therapists to help you maximize daily life within the home environment; and a team of professionals to assist with adult speech difficulties, including stuttering, dysarthria, voice problems, and proper articulation. We have medical social workers ready to support patients with serious or chronic illnesses. And Connolly Care home health services are 100% covered by Medicare. No matter what situation you’re facing, our team at Connolly Care is equipped to provide the proper care, as well as companionship, while helping your family member keep a sense of independence to lead their lives happily. At the time when someone special needs you the most, Connolly Care Home Health is here to help you with all your in-home care needs, every step of the way.