Basic Job Posting

Post one job for a 30-day period.
Each position is immediately placed on the Job Listings page and a logo of your company placed on the Company Listing page, both of which will display a company description.

Premium Monthly

Same as the Basic Job Posting, plus:
- Presented as a "Featured Company"
- Jobs listed in top section on "Posted Jobs"
- Candidates from 100+ college campuses notified by email
- Positions promoted through Greek Ladders social media
- Access to resumes posted on this website

Annual Subscription

Same as Premium Monthly, plus:
- Unlimited job postings
- No time limit to job postings
- Company promoted through branded emails and social media
- Representatives invited to speak to groups of students
- Promoted at every conference which Greek Ladders exhibits or speaks

Spring 2018 Special

Many employers prefer to focus on the spring semester. If you're looking for quality talent before graduation or summer break, here's an offer for your liking.
The same benefits offered in our "Annual Subscription" apply - just dedicated to the Spring 2018 semester.
Sign up - post your available jobs - and connect with young candidates!